API Reference

This reference provides detailed documentation for all modules, classes, and methods in the current release of Neurosynth. The root Neurosynth package is comprised of two modules: neurosynth.base and neurosynth.analysis. The base module contains functionality for representing, manipulating, and retrieving data. The analysis module contains functionality for doing more interesting things with the data–meta-analysis, clustering, decoding, etc.

neurosynth.base: Data storage/manipulation functionality

Base modules

base.dataset Base classes for representing and manipulating data.
base.imageutils Miscellaneous image-related utility functions.
base.lexparser Parsing expression grammar for feature-based study selection.
base.mappable Classes representing article-like data that can be mapped to images.
base.mask Masker class and associated utility functions.
base.transformations Various transformations between coordinate frames, atlas spaces, etc.

neurosynth.analysis: Analysis tools

Analysis modules

analysis.classify Classification and decoding related tools
analysis.cluster Clustering/parcellation tools
analysis.decode Decoding tools
analysis.meta Meta-analysis tools
analysis.network Network analysis-related tools
analysis.reduce Dimensionality reduction methods
analysis.stats Various statistical helper functions